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Sunday Post #151

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The week has flown by. What did I do this week? ... I don't remember. Honestly. That's terrible. I did go to the gym two evenings. I took one sick dog to the vet. Which the culture results came back and she's got three bacteria growing on her and will take an antibiotic that related to one she's allergic to. We are hoping it'll work and she won't have a reaction to it. I did get some blog visiting in, which I've missed socializing with everyone more than I even knew. Yesterday we went to cut down our tree. Oh my! It's the thickest tree we've ever got! The trunk took my husband and son about an hour to cut with a hand saw. (It's more fun cutting with a hand saw than a chain saw, we laugh and joke the whole time!) The tree is not decorated yet. I'm hoping to get to it later today and tomorrow night. Then to clean up the house, readying for holidays. Maybe I'll share a picture of it next week, if I remember. I also went with a friend, her youngest child, and my kid to the local light display and walked around. It's sort of a thing we try to do each year.

I've been asking around about favorite drinks for the holiday's. I've got a few ideas so went to the liqueur store to pick up a few items. I haven't sampled yet, so hope to do that sometime soon as well. Do you have a favorite drink?

I don't know if you remember the Mythical Monday posts. I've decided to bring it back. I'm starting to schedule authors for 2017. If you know of any authors that may fit or want to participate, send them to the page so they can email me!

Do you ever feel like you are running out of time for forgetting everything? I feel like that right now. I'm not ready for the holidays. I've barely started preparing for the holidays! Still so much to do and not enough time to get to it all.

The Fit Booker:

Goal:  Workout in any form of exercise (or on Wii Fit) 2x's a week. (to feel better and hope to drop a few pants sizes)

How did I do last week... I got to the gym twice this last week. I worked on lift machines.

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Emergence: Humanity 2.0 edited by J.M. Martin
The Side of Good / The Side of Evil edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Content editing work.

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Codename: Night Witch by Cary Caffrey

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Stonebriar Casefiles: Bad Alchemy by Laura Nicole Spencer (You can listen for free too!)

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I shared my November NaNoWriMo update.

Around the Internet...

Cthulhu Armageddon by C.T. Phipps

"The world feels Post Apocalyptic in the way the land has fallen and man has grouped, and even with the new residents of the world. John Booth is like the American cowboy on a mission through the book."

Sunset Spectors by Gary Jonas

"I will say, I do look forward to the endings of Gary's books with Jonathan. Nothing is easy and I always wonder how it's going to come out right. In some strange way, Jonathan makes it work. I love these twists. Right now, things aren't looking so hot for Jonathan, and I really want to see what comes in the next book at the next time they cross paths with Henry Winslow."

"I really enjoy these adventures for the mystery and action, but also for the characters I get to meet. I want to get all the books with these characters, but also set in this world. I'm hooked!"

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Received Last Weeks:

For Review Consideration:
Conspiracy of Ravens by Lila Bowen
Goodreads Synopsis:
Monsters, magic and the supernatural combine in this sequel to Wake of Vultures, in which a young woman must defeat the evil hiding beneath the surface. 

Nettie Lonesome made a leap -- not knowing what she'd become. But now the destiny of the Shadow is calling.

A powerful alchemist is leaving a trail of dead across the prairie. And the Shadow must face the ultimate challenge: side with her friends and the badge on her chest or take off alone on the dangerous mission pulling her inexorably toward the fight of her life.

When it comes to monsters and men, the world isn't black and white. What good are two wings and a gun when your enemy can command a conspiracy of ravens?

Conspiracy of Ravens continues the exciting journey begun in Wake of Vultures as Nettie Lonesome discovers that she, and the world, are more than what they seem.

Audio Books Requested for Review:
Riven by Sherry Ficklin & Tyler Jolley
Goodreads Synopsis:
In a battle for control of the time stream, the past and the future will collide, either saving mankind—or destroying it.

What should be a routine mission leaves Ethan with a serious problem. He’s fractured, a break between mind and body that leaves him at the mercy of his Rifter abilities, which are quickly tearing him apart. He will have to trust the only person who might know how to fix him, a mysterious Rifter named Stewart Stills, who seems to have a special connection with the time stream. 
Forced to face his dark past and a decision he may never forgive himself for, he will be trained unlike any of the others, to become a true guardian of time. If he accepts, it will mean leaving everyone he loves behind, if he refuses, time itself could unravel. After a glimpse of the dark future awaiting them all, he will have to choose between destiny and desire. Will he rise up and take his place as a defender of the natural order, or will he watch as all of time burns at the hands of the girl he loves?

Wytchfire by Michael Meyerhofer
Goodreads Synopsis:
In a land haunted by the legacy of dead dragons, Rowen Locke has been many things: orphan, gravedigger, mercenary. All he ever wanted was to become a Knight of Crane and wield a kingsteel sword against the kind of grown horrors his childhood knows all too well.

But that dream crumbled—replaced by a new nightmare.
War is overrunning the realms, an unprecedented duel of desire and revenge, steel and sorcery. And for one disgraced man who would be a knight, in a world where no one is blameless, the time has come to decide which side he’s on.

Eternal Magic by Linsey Hall
Goodreads Synopsis:
Cass Clereaux has a few problems. Sure, she just saved her whole town and is now immortal, but immortality sucks. The same spell that made her immortal also takes away her magic. It’s kaput. Finito. Gone. Being a FireSoul and finding magical treasure is who she is. Now, she couldn’t find her left leg with a map. Not even if a dragon pointed the way.

To make matters worse, her concealment charm is malfunctioning. Demons are showing up left and right, trying to bring her head back to the Monster who stalks her. While Cass is on the hunt to recover her magic and learn about her past, the specter of the Monster is getting ever closer to his mysterious end goal. She’s prophesied to meet him on the field of battle—but if she doesn’t have her magic back by then, she’s dead.

Infinite Magic by Linsey Hall
Goodreads Synopsis:
Things aren’t looking great for Cass Clereaux. For one, her greatest fear has come true. She’s stuck in the Prison for Magical Miscreants while her nemesis, Victor Orriodor, is out in the world, putting the last pieces of his plan into place. He’s wreaking havoc, all while she’s stuck in a stone box, awaiting likely execution. 

Fortunately, Cass has just discovered that she’s the most powerful Magica in the world. She may have no control over her massive new power, but that won’t stop her from using it to break out of the world’s strongest supernatural prison. As for how she’s going to stop Victor when she gets out? She has no idea. 

To have any hope at success, Cass will have to learn to control her magic and figure out exactly what he’s trying to accomplish. She’s going to need all the help she can get if she wants to survive, much less save the world. Luckily for her, she’s got Aidan Merrick and her sisters at her back, along with her allies in the League of FireSouls.

The Remingtons: Cured by Love by Stacy Eaton
Goodreads Synopsis:
Dina Greene and Ellie Parker met during their college years and on the night that they meet at NightCaps to reconnect, Dina’s life begins to change. For six years, Dina has closed off her heart, moving from one man to another, trying to feel something other than her own pain and guilt. 

Ryan Wilde is a plastic surgeon who strives to give people a better quality of life, especially children. The night he watches Dina leave the bar with another one-night stand, he resolves to offer up a challenge to get her to view herself in a new light. 

Little does he know that the challenge will change both their lives, but when Dina’s secret is exposed, will Ryan be able to accept it and trust her, or will Dina go back to her old ways and leave Ryan broken? 

Cured by Love is a spin-off Melissa Foster’s Game of Love – The Remingtons and part of The Remingtons Kindle World. 

Solomon's Seal by Skyla Dawn Cameron
Goodreads Synopsis:

Disowned and left penniless for getting pregnant at seventeen, former celebutante Olivia Talbot was willing to do whatever it took to provide for her daughter…including become a treasure hunter. Since the Pulse hit, activating relics of legend, there are plenty of artifacts to be had—not to mention wealthy clients willing to pay top dollar for them.

Just as her daughter’s private school tuition cheque bounces, Livi gets an offer that could be the break she needs to return to some semblance of her former life. A potential new client wants her to travel to Ethiopia and retrieve the Seal of Solomon—a mythical ring said to control demons and djinn—and this bounty comes with one hell of a financial pay off.

The deadline: a week. The team: unreliable. The competition: her world-renowned archaeologist older brother. Nothing Livi can’t handle… Except the danger goes beyond a few subterranean serpent-dragons she might encounter or tangling with her employer’s deadly second-in-command. This client isn’t all he seems, and handing him the ring might be worse than what he’ll do to her—and her daughter—if she doesn’t.

Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews
Goodreads Synopsis:
After breaking from life with the Pack, mercenary Kate Daniels and her mate—former Beast Lord Curran Lennart—are adjusting to a very different pace. While they’re thrilled to escape all the infighting, Curran misses the constant challenges of leading the shapeshifters.

So when the Pack offers him its stake in the Mercenary Guild, Curran seizes the opportunity—too bad the Guild wants nothing to do with him and Kate. Luckily, as a veteran merc, Kate can take over any of the Guild’s unfinished jobs in order to bring in money and build their reputation. But what Kate and Curran don’t realize is that the odd jobs they’ve been working are all connected.

An ancient enemy has arisen, and Kate and Curran are the only ones who can stop it—before it takes their city apart piece by piece…

Requiem for the Dead by Kelly Meding
Goodreads Synopsis:
She's died twice while protecting her city…and she'd do it again to save the people she loves.

After a deadly, artificial infection forces the vampire Families into a self-imposed isolation, the city's protective Watchtower forces are depleted by one third, leaving humans and shifters to shoulder the burden. Human enforcer Evangeline Stone is determined to find a way to help her vampire allies, but she already has her hands full—investigating an escalating series of goblin attacks, dealing with her half-werewolf lover, locating three missing werewolf teenagers, and learning to trust her non-human coworkers.

When a potential cure for the vampires' infection is given to her by an unlikely source, it's just as quickly stolen—collateral damage in a power play within the were-cat Clan that leaves one human ally dead and another horribly injured. With Wyatt Truman still adjusting to his new life as a half-werewolf, Phineas missing in action, and her shifter allies crippled by internal anarchy, Evy has to rely on her own strength and instincts to steal back the cure, stop a murderer, and to save the Watchtower before it's destroyed from the inside out.

The Night Before Dead by Kelly Meding
Goodreads Synopsis:
In twenty-four hours, everything they know will change forever. 

Evangeline Stone has died twice, survived dozens of wounds that should have killed her, bled to save innocent lives, and she’s still standing while so many of her friends are in the ground. With one final confrontation with the Fey brewing and an end to the constant battling in sight, Evy is ready to fight one last time—and then she’s done. She only has to get through one more day. 

Wyatt Truman has loved Evy secretly for years, and openly for only a few months. Their time together has always been fraught with death and blood and fear, but they have overcome all odds and defeated every enemy in order to earn their happily ever after. And once again, Wyatt is putting his trust in an elf in order to secure that future. 

Brevin’s plan to stop the Fey will require a leap of faith for everyone involved, as well as the potential loss of life for the three Therian men who volunteer to host and control a Tainted—a demon from the place where magic began. Creatures of emotion and instinct whom Brevin insists can be controlled if summoned correctly and into the right vessel. As time ticks down to the summoning ritual and Dreg violence breaks out all over the city, both Evy and Wyatt find themselves torn between doing what’s right and following their hearts.


Free Ebooks:

(On my Kindle App) Links to books under title. They may or may not be free at this time.
Beatuy and the Beast by May Sage
Goodreads Synopsis:
“Let me tell you one thing, Beast: if your Prince ever returns, watch his back. There are thousands who would gladly throw daggers at it.” 
And Belle would be first in line. 

Ten years ago, he was Prince Aiden, heir of Jereena, at the top of the world – now, they call him Beast. 
Aiden has landed on his feet, his exclusive club is the place to be, he makes hundreds of thousands a night. 
What else could he possibly want? 

Belle grew up during the Anarchy, and the corrupted system screwed her, big time, but she managed to get by. 
Then, her stupid brother goes and steals from the Beast, who demands her as payment. 
Well, her, a pile of cash, or her sister – option two and three aren’t acceptable. 


Beauty and the Beast is the third volume of Not quite the Fairy Tale, however it's a standalone. 
I do recommend reading at least Cinderella, first, to "get" the world... but it's not necessary. Believe me, you'll enjoy it regardless. 
Beware of strong language and sexual situations.

Chasing Rabbits by Erin R. Bedford
Goodreads Synopsis:
Alice was wrong – Wonderland wasn’t so wonderful after all.

Kat never expected to be back in her hometown, but when house sitting turns into a mad rabbit chase, Kat finds herself with a whole new set of problems.

A two-headed bird with a Game of Thrones obsession, a party full of tea addicts, and a Cheshire Cat who could seduce the pants off her grandma? And if the citizens weren’t bad enough their prince was off his rocker.

This wasn’t your run of the mill Wonderland. This was the Fae world, where rules are rules, and some things are exactly as they seem.

The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers by E.K. Johnston
Goodreads Synopsis:
An interstitial short story by E.K. Johnston set between her novels A THOUSAND NIGHTS and SPINDLE!

For readers excited to learn more, this story also includes excerpts from A THOUSAND NIGHTS, SPINDLE, and Johnston's Star Wars novel, AHSOKA.

Pretty Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas
Goodreads Synopsis:
All Giselle ever wanted was a family... that can accept her for what she is, a werewolf.
In a world where supernatural creatures are not out and proud, this has been a problem for 16 year old Giselle. A child of the system, she's been bounced from home to home for as long as she can remember. As soon as the moon calls out her inner wolf, it's back into the system she goes.
Against the odds, a new family is found for Giselle. One that may prove the answer to all her dreams and wishes. But this family comes with a deadly secret that could send Giselle six feet under instead of back into the system.
Amid factions of warring witches and werewolves, and deadly curses with no hope for a cure, the way will not be an easy one, but if Giselle can call upon her skills as a lone wolf, she may just be able to unearth the truth keeping her from the one thing she's ever wanted... family.

The Frozen Witch by Odette C. Bell
Goodreads Synopsis:
She’s in trouble – of the mythic kind. When Lilly White finds a strange box, it changes her life. It ignites the ice that has always lain dormant in her heart. Oh, and it brings her to the attention of him. 

And who is he? The god of revenge. He drags her into his world. A world of magic, of crime, of retribution. 
She’ll never escape him. And soon she’ll realize she doesn’t want to…. 

Endless Winter by J.A. Armitage
Amazon Synopsis:
Imagine falling in love for the first time, the adrenaline, the flutters. Now imagine being told you had to have a baby with somebody else...
Trapped in an unfamiliar room with no way out, Anais has no idea just how much her life is about to change. A locked door stands between her and freedom but as she is just about to find out, the door is the least of her problems. 
Anais had never believed in demons and vampires so when she is transported into a dark world that she doesn’t understand she is forced to realise that humans can be the most terrifying monsters of all. Yet in the shade of her new life she finds light in the most unexpected place of all. In this occult paranormal romance, follow Anais into the realm of The Guardians of The Light and into a mystery saga filled with temptation, loss, fear and above all love.

Free Audio Books/Stories:

Reviews to Come:

Soulless by Skyla Dawn Cameron
The Sentinel by Chris Lester
The Muse by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Making the Cut by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Whispers in the Wood by Chris Lester
Lex Talionis by Starla Huchton
Spark by Starla Huchton
Heir to Kale by K.L. Bone
Tales from the Archives Vol 4 #5 - Old Sinner's Bones
The Death of Dulgath by Michael J. Sullivan
The Wind and the Void by Ryan Kirk
Under Her Skin by Margo Bond Collins
The Secrets of Supervillainy by C.T. Phipps


Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

OOoh nice!! Lots of new to me reads here! And some familiar ones too! I still need to read Lila's first book! And I loved Kelly Meding's series! I only recently learned this year that there was a final book!! So I need to read that one still too! Hope you enjoy all the awesome new reads!!!

Here's my STS

Have a GREAT day!

Old Follower :)

Laura Thomas said...

It looks like you're all set in the reading department. So many nice books:) I remember chopping down a tree each year. One year, it was my turn to pick the tree, and it was so big around. LOL Decorated beautifully though.

My Sunday Post

Greg said...

I remember Mythical Mondays, it will be nice to see it return. Hope you have a good weekend.

Melliane said...

Oh that's so nice, many books for you! happy reading!

chucklesthescot said...

Solomon's Seal sounds interesting in a Lara Croft kind of way. I might have to look at that one! I have the Kelly Meding series-just need to find time to catch up and read it!

Blodeuedd said...

I had the most awesome drink last year, but....she was explaining it to me, I had had a few and it's not like I remmeber when I am 100. Vodka...cranberries..soda?

LilyElement said...

Hope yall find one your dog isn't allergic to! And yay for hitting the gym twice :) I need to go back to it too

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I've read a few of Kelly Meding's books in this series, Jessica. But need to finish it out. :) Hope you are having a great week.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thank you, Laura Thomas. I keep picking up new reads and need to find time to read them. lol. I usually pick he larges tree, but my husband beat me this year. I think I finally convinced him they need to be thick. lol. Thank you!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Awesome Greg! I really hope to get it going with the authors and get lots of great posts. :) Have a great week!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thank you Melliane. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Chucklesthescot, Solomon's Seal is just like that! And a little bit of motherly there too. I just loved it. Hope you like it too! I need to get caught up on Kelly Meding's series too. *sigh* I just need to get life going in a straight line. lol. Take care!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

lol. Oh Blodeuedd, I love that the drinks were that good. That's awesome! I'll see if I can figure it out. ;D

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hi LilyElement. Thank you. It seems she's got extremely sensitive skin and her immune system for her skin isn't all that good. So...she's susceptible to getting infections. *sigh* We still love her though.

I've been trying to maintain gym visits at least twice a week. I should go more days, but it's been so crazy here that it's hard to get there. Good luck getting back at it yourself. :)

Thank you!