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Book Review: Requiem


By:  Ken Scholes

Publisher:  Tor

Publish Date:  June 18, 2013

Format:  Hardback 366pgs

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  4th book in The Psalms of Isaak series; 1st Book ~ Lamentation, 2nd Book ~ Canticle, 3rd Book ~ Antiphon

Recommendation:  Oh good grief YES!! And if you have waited this look for book 4, you NEEEED IT!!

When we left the Named Lands at the end of Antiphon, our main characters were scattered between earth, sea, and sky.

Jin Li Tam has left General Rudolfo, taking their son with her.  She has accepted the "invitation" of the Crimson Empress's regent, and has boarded his ship, steaming into unknown seas.  With her, secretly, is Rudolfo's Captain Aedric as guard.  She is playing a very dangerous game, more dangerous than usual, even for a daughter of Vlad Li Tam.

Rudolfo was left at the head of his army, only to discover her apparent betrayal when Winters and her people arrive on foot in the Ninefold Forest.  Winters has won exile for herself and her faithful people at the price of her own blood.  Her sister Ria is now in complete control of the Marshlands, under the rule of Empress's regent.

Vlad Li Tam has been cast up on a desert shore.  He followed his obsession with the ghost of Amal Y'Zir into the mouth of the Behemoth, and now she has led him to the shores of Espira, in search of her father's spellbook.  Whatever that might be.

Neb, now revealed to be the son of the Younger God Whym, is flying to the moon aboard the antiphone.  With him is Petronus, the last Pope of the Androfrancines, as well as the metal men who built the ship and carry the dream that Neb is to fulfill.  For Neb is both Homeseeker and Younger God, and only he can open the Moon Wizard's Tower.

And the metal man Isaak is lost.

Return to the Named Lands, and the greater world that is unfolding before us.

First Sentence:
A gibbous moon hung in the predawn sky, casting shades of blue and green over a blanket of snow.

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**I requested a copy of this book for review from the publisher.

My Thoughts and Summary:
The world is in upheaval and seems on the axis of great change.  The feel all is falling further away from what everyone knows it to be.

Jin Li Tam is on an island with her son, the one the Y'Zirite's call the Child of Promise.  Being worshiped as she tries to come to grips with what she now knows her destiny is.  Vlad Li Tam travels the vast sea, following a ghost, to do what needs to be done with the Crimson Empress and the Child of Promise.  Neb finds himself on the Moon with Petronus, and no idea what he's to do now that he's lacking the tools he needs to do what he is called to do.  Lost as he tries to find his way in a new world, his world.  Winters is still searching the final piece of the Final Dream.  Hoping to help her people find their way home to their world.  Rudolfo is struggling with the unexpected leave of his wife with his one and only son.  The absence of his son weighs heavy on him, not knowing what his wife was thinking going into the center of danger as she did.  Rudolfo comes to learn his own pieces in the Y'Zirite plans and makes plans of his own.

We get a feel that the people struggling to stop the downward slide are losing.  Things are not going well and they are at opposite ends of the world trying to correct it on their own.  None know what the other is doing.  Secrets are crossing.  And the results are...amazing, heartbreaking, reviving, hopeful.  Everything all in one.

The beginning brings us quickly back to where we are after Antiphon.  The Prelude is a refresher of what's going on in this world, yet at the same time drawing curiosity, making me want more.  It's felt like ages for me since I finished Antiphon, and Ken draws me in quickly with refreshers of what happened and where we are now.  Perfect.  Flawless.

The connections to the world (and moon) all become clearer.  The further we follow Ken through his Whymr maze the closer we come to the truths of what is happening and why.  It seems now, as things come out, that it was tried very hard to replicate the culture lost on the moon.  But things were never quite right.  Things are still incomplete but starting to come in the open on how to fix them.  All that the Wizards and Younger Gods fought over, and the results becoming clearer with each page.

We have all our familiar characters Point Of Views.  And love seeing the troubles they get themselves into.  We also have a new POV, Marta.  Marta gives us a view of innocence and a connection to one we want to see more of and his connections to everything.  I found all the POV's intriguing.  I loved what I learned from all the views.  The history and workings of the Y'Zirite are heavy and well designed that you need all these POV's to get the feel for what is happening and why.  It's so easy to follow these POV's.  Ken writes them with a grace that makes you feel he's been doing this for lifetimes.  I really enjoyed getting to see more POV from Vlad Li Tam as well.  Wow, the Li Tam family has got serious connections through out the world and can influence just about anything it seems, but this still has them in a bind as well.

Oh my gods!  This series is amazing.  Out-of-the-box crazy-amazing read.  Love it!  A book to be savored by each word.  This read is not a light one.  When you pick it up be ready to be submersed and mentally mapping all that's happening.  This is a read to read over with an eyeglass and ponder over with a pipe  Yes, all that and more!

Absolute read for fantasy fans.


  1. Yes yes yes, I shall read book 1 soon

    1. Hehehe, Can't wait to hear what you think Blodeuedd. Although, I am very scared that you won't enjoy it as much as I have. *bites nails*

  2. I've never heard of this series before but based on your review it definitely sounds like one I should check out sometime!

    1. Thank you Kristin A. I am a fantasy fan along with Urban Fantasy and this is so rich in it's world and story. Hope you like what you see. :)

  3. This series is totally new to me, but it sounds like this book gives you answers. I need to go check out book one..thanks Melissa :)

    1. Kimba, this is a series I found through Paul at B&N. I'm soooo glad he suggested it to us a few years back when the first book came out. I'm hooked on it! LOL! Thank you.

  4. Wow, so happy you found such an amazing series. Now you got me interested.

    1. Thank you Jennifer Bielman! This series is so different and amazing. :) It's definitely fantasy but sooo gooood. :D Thank you!

  5. yay! I'm glad the series is so good! I really need to go back to fantasy books!


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