Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Tuesday...Where are you? (2)

This is hosted by An_Adventure_In_Reading

I am sitting with the Gypsy Scouts at our stations on the Keeper's Gate while the sun is rising on the Chuning Wastes with the sky washed in deep purple with strands of red twisting through the horizon. I just watched a brown messenger bird drop into its net to bring a message to First Captain Aedric. Wait, what is going on? The Watch Captain has just whistled the Third Alarm and the front guard have magicked themselves to disappear into the shadows. There is also the metal man in robes approaching, which is unusual.

Canticle by Ken Scholes
I have just started this new book, so I am just in the Prelude yet.


  1. I like the fantasy setting (I think it's a fantasy setting?)! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier... :)

  2. Hi Celi.a. Yes it is a fantasy setting. I always try to stop by everyones blogs to at least read. I try to comment on everything I read but lately I have been trying to get my reading time in as well.

    Its great to see you & Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh. this is a pretty cool meme! Nice. Sounds like a good setting!


  4. Hellow Arielle! Thanks for stopping by! I really like this meme because it kind of puts you in the story with your characters. Kind of writing you own little summary of the moment. I try to switch back and forth from the teaser and this, I really like both of them. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you around more.

    Hi Sheila! Hope your night is going well. It is mysterious. This whole book has some great mystery to it and I am very excited to get going on it here. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Birds flying messages to people and front guards magically disappearing into the shadows - this sounds like an awesome booK!

  6. I like this meme! Your's sounds mysterious...

  7. Brizmus - These books are wonderous. I read the first one and this is the second of the series. The author paints such a picture and there is so much mystery underlining the story and around the story it is unbelievable. They really are awesome.

    Jackie - thanks for stopping! The books are full of lots of mystery. I love them. They are a fantasy read but the mystery is amazing!

  8. Oh, cool , Mel! I like this meme, too! I can't wait to start this one :) I just got it today and once I finish the book I'm reading now I will start it, cool?

  9. Way cool Krista! I am not very far in it yet. Taking notes and flaging pages left and right. I can't wait to discuss this one. We are going to have to keep going over to B&N. Oh, by the way have you been able to get on yet?

  10. Hey, Mel! When I went over to BandN tonight I couldn't sign on again. Then I was able to sign on but not reply and this has been happening to me quite a bit. Would you mind telling Paul for me because I wasn't able to sign on again tonight. Maybe it's my computer. I don't know, but I just haven't been able to get on the past three days that I've tried. Thanks, Mel! Sorry it's taking me forever! Things should be back to normal soon, I hope :)

    I have got to be able to get on for Canticle!

  11. Hey Krista, Message sent to Paul! I'll let you know what I find out.

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