Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character (6)

Favorite Fictional Character

Thanks to the creative mind of Ryan at Wordsmithonia who started this on Wednesdays.

I finally got sucked in to the Halloween theme. It took me a little longer than others but I am starting to get there.

I have picked this show The Little Vampire for both the young boys in this movie. This is a kids movie, yes. I have watched it with my son for a few years now and look forward to it each Halloween. However, unlike many Halloween movies that are shown a few times in the season, I usually only see this one shown once in this colorful season.

I remember when my son was just getting over the vampire and zombie scare thing and we watched this show. He was sooooo worried it would scare him. I told him it would not be on Disney if it would scare him. After he watched it the first time he was sold, wanted to watch it over and over again.

Tony (the little boy standing up right) moved to Scottland with his mom and dad from the United States. He has a rough start at the new school in a new country with no friends. Not only is Tony having a tough time in school with bullies he starts having nightmares of vampires. Tony meets a young vampire, Rudolph, who quickly becomes his best friend.

Of course, Rudolphs family are looking for that precious stone that will turn them human again, but like all movies there is that "bad guy" out there. There is a vampire hunter that is looking for the stone as well to send all vampires back to the underworld. This movie turns out to be a very cute movie.

These two little boys are quite the pair in their fun adventures. Part of me wants to say there is a flying cow at some point in the movie. I can't remember for sure being it has been a few years since I have seen the movie but I think there is. The movie is very cute.
I will be looking for this movie again this year.

I learned in doing this post that this movie was based off of a childrens' fantasy book series by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. Wild what you learn!


  1. I've never heard of this movie before, sounds cute. I need to start getting into Halloween spirit

  2. I adore this movie. Simply one of the cutest "monster" movies around. Great pick this week.

  3. Deb - you will have to watch for it. It really is just the cutest movie.

    Ryan - I have to agree with it being the cutest "monster" movie. I just love there was an adorable movie made with Vampires for kids.

  4. I have never seen this movie and neither have my boys. I need to get it for them. They would probably really like it. They love vampires, werewolves, ZOMBIES (my oldest is obsessed with zombies)! Great post Melissa!

  5. It's been a while since I last saw this film so thanks for reminding me of it. It's such good, innocent fun and can be watched by the whole family, it was enjoyed by myself, Hubby, his grandmother and our young niece - not too many films I can that about.

  6. Ha, ha, I've seen this a few times and it's very funny :) Great FFC this week, Mel!

    Oh, And I got my copy of Canticle in the mail today! W00T w00t!

  7. Michelle - this movie is very cute. I bet you kids would love it.

    Petty Witter - It sounds as you have a great memory with this movie, that is awesome. Glad I could bring a happy memory to thought.

    Krista - We loved this movie. Thanks. I cant wait to get talking about Canticle this is going to be awesome!


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