Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Review

A Door in the Woods

By: James Dashner

Publisher: Bonneville Books

Publish Date: June 2003

Genre: Fiction, Young, young adult (Age Range 9-12)

Series: This is the 1st book in the Jimmy Fincher Saga. (From what I can see there are 4 books in this saga.)

Recommendation: Yes, for the young reader looking for a little fantasy and mystery.

First Sentence:
Before I begin the story that will change your life forever, I guess I should introduce myself.

Book Synopsis:


But what he sees there changes his perception of reality and sets off a chain of events that explodes in a torrent of suspense and excitement. An ancient legend come to life. A conspiracy of madmen. Strange portals to other worlds. Villains named everything from Raspy to Shadow Ka.

And behind it all is the old wooden door, lying deep in the forest by Fincher's home.


My Review and Summary:

Let me just start with a little background on what happens when I have a new book:

When I start reading a book, get part of the way through or to about a quarter of the way my son starts asking me questions on it.

My son always asks, "Mom, What book are you reading?"
I answer with whatever the name of the book is.
My son always asks, "Do you like it? What is it about?"
Lately, I answer with "Yeah, I like it." or "Yes, this is really good." then tell him a quick thought on what the book is about.
My son religiously askes, "Oh, maybe I can read it when you are done?"
Now, this is where I usually look up from my book and say, "No, this book is for adults. It's a little old for you." (Please keep in mind my son is 10. Going on 30.)

So you have to imaging his surprise and delight when I was reading this book and we where doing our normal ritual and my answer this time was "Yes, I think you would enjoy this one." The kids eyes just light up, and all he could say was, "Really!?!"

This was a really quick and easy read for me. I enjoyed following the beginning to Jimmy Fincher's tale. The author caught my attention in the first paragraph when Jimmy mentions he cannot be destroyed. I was curious to see how this all would play out. It was a nice adventure to get to the end of this book.

Jimmy was a normal 14 year old by with a Mom, Dad, and an older brother living in a town called Duluth, Georgia. Until the day he was climbing a tree and saw a man dragging a woman fighting into the woods, then she just vanishes. Where did she go? And why is this man... Oh, Jimmy nows this man... The whole story just takes off from here.

Jimmy is sent by his dad to find an old friend, not knowing exactly where this friend lives or what he looks like, whos name is Joseph. Then he is told by his dad to be scared, that being scared will keep him alive.

On page 3 of the book there was one paragraph I just loved and really made me look forward to the fun tale that was going to be told with a childs view and discription on things, which does make it easy to see knowing what a kid sees.
"Before I begin, there are things to say. You must prepare yourself. The world is not what you think it is, and the nightmares that sometimes wake you in the middle of a storm may be truer than you think. Every novel you've ever read may not be as fictional as you thought. If I have learned anything, it is that nothing is beyond possible or belief. The world as I once knew it has turned upside down, and I've finally realized that the phrase "truth is stranger than fiction" is not just a stupid cliche.""

**I do want to thank The_Writer's_Notebook for reviewing this book first, or I would have never found this little book. My son is just going to love this too.


  1. The book sounds awesome, especially since you can share it with your son!

  2. Thanks Nikola. I actually enjoyed it very much for a quick easy read. And my son is excited to read it too.

  3. Hi, Melissa! This is the first time I've heard of Jimmy Fincher Saga, but the series seems interesting though.

    I loved reading that part on the conversation with your son. He's lucky to be growing up in a home that's filled with books and develops a love for reading.

  4. Thanks Peter. He likes to read but he also rather do many other things that little 10 year olds do as well. I don't force him to read but encourage it as much as I can. Thanks!

  5. I've never heard of this one but I think it's really great to find books you enjoy that your kids can enjoy as well. I look forward to doing that with my son when he is older.

  6. It's so nice to hear of a 10 year old boy who is interested in books - so many aren't. Perhaps he could also do a review and we could compare it to your take on the book.

  7. Oh, Yay! It sounds as though he was super excited! I might have to try this one as well sometime.. Great review:)

  8. I'm glad your son can read it! I think that is adorable, that is he so interested in your reading and that he is a reader, too. 10 is a tough reading age, they get so interested in some of the teen reads that they are still young for.
    I think your son should review it too

  9. Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) - It is so fun when they get into reading books. Then you can discuss books they read. It helps give more things to talk about and communicate with.

    Petty Witter - That sounds like a wonderful idea. I mentioned it to him tonight and he sounds like he is interested. We shall see...

    Krista - He is excited. We usually go to the store and talk about the books he is going to get, but this one was a surprise for him. He didn't know it was a book for his age group. So he and I can now talk about it after he reads it.

    Deb - Part of the fun in him reading is because I read so much. I use to read to him everynight at bedtime when he was younger. Now he is older an reads to himself, but we still like to talk about them. 10 is a tough age for getting him to read, there are so many other things to distract them. We do go months at a time without reading, due to sports or school work (so much homework). I did mention to him about doing a review and he sounds like he may be interested. We will see what he does. I am excited now to see what he does.

    Thanks for all the great comments and ideas!!!

  10. This sounds really good! I love the story about you and your son - that is a great memory!

  11. Thanks Sheila. He is a little excited now. He was asking if he does a review should he type it or write it. I told him to do what ever he wants. I will get it out here for him. He will sweat bullets over doing this until it is done. I'll try to help him, but let him through it but let it be his view. lol.

    I was really happy with this one with him. I am glad I typed it up here. A nice way to remember it.

  12. You're very welcome! I'll be sure to get to the others in the series pretty soon (but I have this sneaking suspicion you son will beat me to the finish line).

  13. The Writer - We will see, he has a nice little stack of tbr books here for himself already. But he really does like the idea of both of us reading the same book. Thanks for the book idea and thanks for stopping by!


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