Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character (5)

Favorite Fictional Character
Thanks to the creative mind of Ryan at Wordsmithonia who started this on Wednesdays.

Sorry all, I am still stuck in the 80's. One of my all time favorite tv shows was Punky Brewster. This show ran from 1984 through 1988. I just loved this little girl.

Penelopy "Punky" Brewster was abandoned with her dog at the grocery store by her mother. She did not want to live in an orphanage and does befriend Henry Warnimont who does adopt her.

This little girl was all but little. She had huge ideas and an enormous amount of energy to go with the ideas. When I think of Punky I am reminded of the pig tails, bright colored clothes done in layers, the bandana tied around the one leg, and yes... one pant leg rolled up slightly exposing the mismatched socks and shoes. Punky had many great adventures and such energy to liven up the screen when she was on. One of her most famous lines used on the show was Punky Power.

I just feel like a little girl again with the whole small world ahead of me where things are just so simple to a 9-12 year old kid. Ahhh, to be young again.

Well, if you would like to at least hear the opening song of the show with Punky walking around with her puppy click the link here. This is right before she meets Henry. (Sorry, I have not figured out how to put the video right in my blog posts yet.)


  1. I loved punky also...I was about 6 when the show came out and I looked just like her, people called me Punky until I got in high school...I even had the different colored Chucks.

  2. ParaJunkee - The colors just amaze me now. They didn't seem so bright then but now the do. I just loved the clothes and colors. Punky was the best, not afraid at all. So.. you where little Punky too. That is great!

  3. Punky, yay! She was on an episode of Friends all grown up, but still looked like Punky!

  4. Punky Brewster - blast form the past! I would have to think about mine... I have one who is in a book but not sure if there is actually a picture of her.

  5. Loved this show and the cartoon. Both were great, much better than Small Wonder.

  6. I remember Punky Brewster! I even had a couple of pairs of Punky Brewster-brand shoes (I got the first pair in the midst of a growth spurt, so I got a second pair because I still liked Punky Brewster!).

  7. Obviously not a series that ever made it here to the UK. Punky sounds wonderful and must have been way ahead of her time as far as fashion goes - one trouser leg rolled up is very fashionable here at the moment or is that a fashion that has made a come-back?

  8. Hello, Melissa! Punky Brewster! I love her! Have you seen Soleil lately? She still has that Punky Brewster feel to her.

    Sigh. I miss that show. Thanks Melissa for this. (But no thanks for making me feel old. Hehehe.)

  9. Your blog is now officially my new favorite blog. I come here, and the first thing I see is PUNKY BREWSTER!!!!
    I'm 27 years old and absolutely still stuck in the 80's. They were awesome, what can I say?
    And Punky was my absolute FAVORITE!!!! How can one not love Punky Brewster? I actually dressed up as her for Halloween the last time I got to dress up (I live in France, and they don't celebrate halloween here. :-()
    Oh, I'm feeling all warm and happy now just thinking of her.
    I think I'm going to post a picture of me as Punky in my blog.

  10. Deb - I didn't see her on Friends but I saw her on one of those Kid Actor/ress All Grown up. She looks does still look a lot the same as she did younger.

    Sheila - It is okay if there is no picture of your character. We have done characters from books without pictures. You can draw the picture for us with your fabulous words.

    Ryan - I remember Small Wonder too. This one was a lot bigger of a hit. I remember the cartoon as well, very cute.

    La Coccinelle - Her clothes were a hit. I think I painted my own shoes to look like me but with Punky influence. lol. I tried the bandana thing but my mom made me take it off my leg. Oh well...

  11. Petty Witter - I am sorry you didn't get to see the show. I think there are a few episodes on you tube and the internet if you really want to check them out. The pants rolled up on one leg was a hit here as well. I think it may have passed now, but I am not 100% sure. Her fashion was ahead of its time, or does fashion recycle?

    PeterS. - I found online that she did a dress up as punky for hitting a million followers on tweeter. She does still have that same feel to her. (Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel old. I do too, particularly when the young ones around here don't know what I am talking about when its only from the 80's.)

    Michelle - Brings back memories, huh!?!

    Brizmus - I am going to keep Punky up to stay your fav blog. lol. I am still stuck in the 80's my self. They were so much fun, shows, music, just the whole feel of the 80's was great. I am going to have to stop by your blog to see the Punky picture, I bet you just loved it.

    I am so glad everyone loved this character so much this week. I too got the same happy feeling thinking of Punky Brewster.

    Thank you all for stopping by!!!

  12. Punky was SOOOO rad. I loved that show (and I say that as a moderately well-adjusted grown man *grin*).


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