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Audio Book Review: Hell's Bell by Keri Arthur

Hell's Bell (Lizzie Grace, #2)Hell's Bell by Keri Arthur
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I knew after the first book I was hooked on this series. But, now after book 2... It's all I can do to pause long enough to type up my thoughts quickly so I can get to book 3.

So, why yes. I'm completely caught on this series.

Lizzie and Belle. Best friends, also witches with Belle being Lizzie's familiar. I love both their personalities. They compliment each other so well! Belle being a bit more bold than Lizzie, which helps Lizzie out when she needs it. I wish I could have a friendship like these two have.

And the ring of a the church bell....there's a wrongness, a dark feel to the air. Lizzie goes to investigate to find fog. And death. But the bodies are strange. And it's very possible there's a Soul Eater on the lose.

As thing progress, Lizzie finds there's someone aiming for her too. Guns, that are NOT allowed to be on the reservation, are now leaving bullet holes around Lizzie. But who is after her? The person that raised the Soul Eater or someone else?

With trying to stop the Soul Eater, Lizzie learns that the council is questionable about her and Belle's presence, being witches and they don't want witches. However, the Wild Magic needs protected, and she knows she can't do it. But, will the council evict them before Christmas? Will the RWA Witch recognize Lizzie for who she is and draw more attention from the Witches?

Lizzie has her hands full of worries, while waiting for her official date with the attractive Aiden...who in town will win the bet on when they have their official date?

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