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Interview with YA author Michelle Flick

Please welcome the kind Michelle Flick to the blog today. I’m thrilled to do this interview with Michelle after reading her recent release, Walker. Hi Michelle! Thank you for stopping by for the interview.

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M:  Would you tell us briefly about your recent release, Walker, we are celebrating here today?

MF:  Walker is a paranormal read about a girl named Kate, who discovers she can walk through people’s dreams. It’s a bit scary for her at first but she meets the boy of her dreams (literally), oh and a serial killer.

M:  Is there going to be more books with Kate, Elisa, Colton, and Nick? I really enjoyed reading them and would like to see more.

MF:  Maybe? Elise was a big hit with people. I was thinking of doing something with her. She was a lot of fun to write.

M:  Oh, Elise was a hoot to read.

M:  What new troubles or adventures could we expect from our friends next?

MF:  I think it would focus on Elise or maybe Colton. I would bring up Nick and Kate, but I feel the other two have a story to tell.

M:  Kate visits the dreams of others. Did you research dream meanings or use a dream book to help create these dreams Kate visits?

MF:  Nope – I just thought of freaky things or wacky things. It was fun because there were no restraints and things didn’t always have to make sense – kind of an Alice in Wonderland thing.

M:  Did it feel strange setting part of the book in a dream world while writing?

MF:  Freeing! Like I said – no restraints! I just had to make sure I kept the two worlds separate.

M:  I’m curious, was there a piece of the story came to you first? A scene, a character, a dream in the story, anything that you built on to create this lovely book.

MF:  It was actually the story about the sisters and the dog. The collie in the story actually exists. And the dialogue about Jesse and her secret came to me. Dream walking came next when someone referenced Freddy Krueger to me (scariest villain ever!)

M:  Do you have a character you enjoyed writing the most? Or did they all balance out for you, as I find it hard to say who is my favorite character.

MF:  I love Jesse and Elise. I could say whatever I wanted with them and it fit their characters. They are bold and outgoing, and unafraid.

M:  You are a teacher. Does teaching help with writing Young Adult books? Seeing the teens interact and react with each other seems as it could have a big impact.

MF:  My students appear in my books all the time, sometimes distorted, but sometimes word for word. They give me a lot of inspiration. Teens are hilarious.

I also think it helps me stay relevant to what is actually going on in the YA world, trends, language, things like that.

M:  Now time for fun questions… I ask these of all my first time visitors. (so, next time you stop by, more tough questions! LOL)

M:  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

MF:  Greece

M:  Tea or Coffee? 


M:  Favorite Color? 

MF:  Red

M:  Favorite Childhood Fictional Creature? 

MF:  Vampire

M:  Now, as an adult, what’s your Favorite Fictional Creature? (can be the same as when a child) 


M:  Favorite Word? (any word at all) 

MF:  Rutabaga

M:  Thank you kindly, Michelle, for stopping by for the interview. I wish you all the best with Walker and all your books.

Here’s wishing you all the best in words and pages!

Find Michelle Flick:
Blog: Michelle Flick
Facebook: Michelle Flick - Author
Twitter:  @MFlick729

Kate isn’t thrilled to be moving to the middle of nowhere. She's already lost her parents, now she's leaving the only place she's ever known as home. She’s not there long when she realizes her dreams aren’t her own and that she has the ability to walk through other people's dreams. Not only that, but she might have found her dream guy--literally. He's in her dreams.

Just when she starts to get the hang of dream walking, strange murders in her new town start to occur. Girls are being killed as they sleep with no evidence, no suspects and no clear motive behind the deaths. It doesn’t take Kate very long to realize that the girls aren’t just being killed as they sleep—they’re being killed in their sleep.

Kate must figure out how to find the killer in the real world and keep the ones she loves safe while they sleep.


  1. PUPPY! I'm guessing that is the collie you talked about in the pic? Awww! Cute!

    This sounds good. I love that having part of it set in a dream was real freeing to write! This also sounds a bit scary. I'm thinking read with all the lights on? :)

    1. lol. Melissa (B&T) I thought of you when Fergie the dog was in the book and Michelle's picture. :D She is a great dog. It is really a neat reading.

  2. Oh, my gosh! Look at that CUTE PUPPY!!!! Dreamwalkers are always intriguing.

    1. Mary @ BookSwarm lol. She is adorable. And glad you like the sounds of the book. :)

  3. I'm so curious. I have a collie, I love these dogs! thanks for the nice interview!

    1. Melliane, oh wow. I didn't know you have a collie. Cool! And glad you like the sounds of the book. :) Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! This sounds like an interesting book. Dreams really can be an intriguing topic to explore.


    1. Shooting Stars mag, thank you for visiting! Glad you liked what you read. Hope you get to enjoy the book. :)


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