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Demons of Oblivion series Tour: Character Interview with Peri

Welcome to today's stop on the Demons of Oblivion Blog Tour.

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Now, to what you stopped by for. An interview by Danni (a great friend of the Demons of Oblivion world, and myself) with Peri. Danni is amazing with Peri! Got her talking more than I think I've ever heard out of her. Please welcome, Danni and Peri!  (Danni - Interviewer, Bold.  Peri - Interviewee, Purple)

Persephone Takata Interview
Today readers, I am lucky enough to be interviewing Peri Takata, the ¼ Demon from Lineage that everyone loves to hate. Except me, I think she rocks. She’s a straight forward, sharp tongued lady that I have a lot of respect for. She also scares the crap outta me, which is why I’m donning kevlar under my coat and increased my cardio workouts prior to this day, so I can like mad if I happen to piss her off with a nosey question she doesn’t like.

We’re meeting at a coffee shop, and I’ve chosen a table near the door for a quick exit, should the need arise.

*Peri arrives, grabs a large black coffee—darkest roast they have—and jerks over a chair. Its feet squeak on the floor and she sits, slouching, peering pointedly over the rim of her coffee cup as she takes a sip*

I can kill you faster than you can run, you know. 

*Gulping slowly, I smile and we exchange pleasantries. I decide to get on with the interview as quickly as possible, knowing the Peri isn’t one for small talk.*

In the beginning of Lineage, when we first get the privilege of being introduced to you, you identify yourself as being friendless and un-likable. It was almost as if you wore your isolation as a suit of armour. How does it feel now, being part of a pseudo-family again and being in a relationship with Nic? 

Family? Well, they’re more Nic’s friends than mine. Where she goes, I go. That’s pretty much the extent of it. 

I’m sort of partial to that nun, though. We train together—I’m trying to toughen her up. Mostly I hope I’m there when something horrible happens to her someday. I think she’d be fun if she went real dark. 

I have to agree, and I’m sure that you will be there to back her up if that ever happens. I suspect the rest are growing on you, except maybe Zara, but then the love/hate thing is mutual with her. I mean, you did screw her over, or tried to, rather. 

Yeah, I did, but the thing about that is that she’d do the same to me. In a heartbeat. Zara and I get along when our interests align. When they don’t, well...there’s no loyalty there. 

It seemed you had an ‘instant’ connection with Nicolette when you first met; you were softer to her, recognising something of yourself in her eyes. Would you say that Nic ‘saved’ you from yourself? 

*shifts uncomfortably* Nic...Nic is more like me than people realize. We just went on different paths, that’s all. Maybe I wouldn’t still be here if not for her. Maybe I would. If I was, I’d still be spinning my wheels going nowhere. When I put one foot in front of the other, that is Nic’s doing. 

Nic and you both share similar histories with the loss of loved ones; do you think if she wasn’t so squeamish, she may have chosen a way of coping not unlike yours (which was to kill everyone)? You can see Ryann going dark if she ever faced a tragedy like yours, do you think Nic has that darkness in her somewhere, or is her ‘light’ strong enough to overcome anything? 

I think the same thing pushes everyone to violence. You, me, Ryann, Nic, wife-beaters, suicide bombers, soldiers. Are you able to kill (like, do you have a weapon or think you're physically able)? Do you think you’re right when you do it? Are you cool with the consequences? Is there another way of getting what you want or is killing it? That’s all it comes down to for everyone. 

I worked with mercs who came from a variety of backgrounds and they all killed because it worked for them. What brings you to that place, well, that varies. But I’ve seen enough to know everyone is capable of violence. Doesn’t mean they’re gonna act on it. Doesn’t mean it would be easy to push them to it. But it’s there. 

You also stated that you were ‘your father’s daughter’ back when you were still in Bravo Division. Would you still describe yourself this way? 

Well, yeah, I’m not all puppies and sunshine now. That’s my girlfriend. If I could get Zara’s goddamn cat alone, I’d probably skin it because it ate my good stealth boots. You can take the woman out of hell but you can’t take hell out of the woman. 

Is there anything you would like to say to Lo, if you had the chance, and did you ever ask your mum WTF was she thinking, summoning a Demon to be her Baby Daddy? 

She had her reasons, which I don’t think I’ll ever know but I figure she somehow thought it would buy her some kind of protection. It didn’t. 

The bio dad...I dunno, maybe I’d ask to borrow the car? 

 You’ve copped a lot of bad flack for being who you are, your natural propensity towards violence, your ‘stupidity’ and your need for revenge. Personally, I believe you have been unjustifiably judged, given the events in your life, the amount of hits to your head and your time spent locked up in and being Bravo Divisions’ kill-bitch. As a matter of fact, I think your ability to read people’s body language and your perception of what’s ‘going down’ is damn skilled. How do you feel about the judgements people have made and what would you like to say to the Peri-haters out there? 

Wait, people hate me? 

Well, yeah, there is a faction of Peri-haters among the readers, but…um, I think you’re just misunderstood………. 

I’m come from a long line of bad people. My mother escaped—for a little while—life in the yakuza. They’re not great to women, y’know? My bio dad is the antichrist. Then my kids were murdered instead of me. And then I worked as a mercenary who would’ve been disposable to the company if not for my demon DNA. How the fuck else am I supposed to be? 

For skills and perceptions and that, well, you get a few brain cells knocked out from a lot of head injuries, your brain starts to overcompensate in other areas. I can be useful with certain things. 

To the Peri-haters: join the fucking club. Really. There’s a club. It’s called The Peri Is A Cunt Club. Zara is president. There are probably membership fees. I hear they had a nice bake sale last year. 

Bet you Zara didn’t bake anything for that. Do they have t-shirts? 

She probably had her manservant do it. 

If there are T-shirts, I’d get one. 

You spent over 5 years with Bravo Division, before that you were a mum and a graphic designer, apart from a little revenge killing on the Japanese Mafia. I’m presuming most of your training came from Bravo Division; you used them for training and information. What was your time like during this period? You entered the division straight after the deaths of your family, and even though you were fuelled by vengeance, it must have been a scary, lonely place to be? 

It was blurry. Not that sleep deprivation was their intention but grief has a way of blurring the days together, especially when you don’t sleep. Their compounds are also almost entirely underground. I didn’t see a lot of daylight, didn’t know what day it was. And I kept busy. Beat the fuck out of a lot of people. Got my ass handed to me a lot too. That passes the time. 

I’m sure, but Bravo was all you had for a while there, and while you didn’t make any friends, it still must have cut deep when they betrayed you, especially Drew. 

I didn’t expect to kill him. That’s weird with me, I expect I’ll have to kill everyone. I met Nic and kept wondering when I’d have to kill her. But I didn’t see him coming. It’s not about being friends, it’s just trusting things are a certain way and then getting knocked over. 

The day Delarosa told you about your half-sister, you also discovered the existence of vampires. A double whammy, what was running through your mind at that time? 

You have to roll with the punches and all that shit. If I stopped to flip out or adjust to every little weird thing that happened, I’d be shot dead in the field. So, I have (had...have?) a sister. And there are vampires. Freaking out won’t solve anything. Mostly I wanted to be pointed in the right direction so I could shoot stuff.  
And in the heat of battle, this is a good thing, but what about after? Do you reflect at all upon the turn your life took and if not, do you think that continuing to bury it all and not deal with it is a good thing? Sometimes we all need a good flip out to clear the pipes, so we don’t implode. 

I think you expect my brain to work harder than it actually can. 

I am very good at imploding. I’ve always been self-destructive. Whether or not I can keep up with this current...nice-ish-ness sort of streak, I dunno. 

When you first met Zara Lain, she ‘got the drop on you’. What were your first impressions of Zara? 

Oh, the Vamp Slut. My impressions then were about the same are they are now. She needs to be knocked down a bunch of pegs. 

You pray at your Kamidana, would you call yourself a religious person? How did finding out your father is the Demon Lo (Lord of Oblivion) effect, if at all, your religious beliefs? 

Different names, different religions, all the same thing. 

My mom went all Western. Ran away with my stepfather to the US, where I was born. She even had me baptized Christian—there was a photo, somewhere, of me screaming like I was allergic to the holy water. Which maybe I was. 

Anyways, she embraced the Western thing but she spoke a lot of Japanese around the house when my stepfather wasn’t around, which I picked up, and she still did a few Shinto rituals plus kept a kamidana. I picked that up too. 

I don’t consider myself religious. I believe. I just don’t...really follow anything I believe. Offerings to my family is about the most I do. 

When you found out Ellie’s ‘special talent’, you noted that Nic probably expected you to ask him to contact your family, but you would never do that as you didn’t want Ken to see you now. Do you think that was your subconscious warning you what your hate and need for vengeance was doing to you? 

Well, he was on the phone with me when he and the kids were blown up and I was saying horrible things to him. And yet somehow I managed to go even more downhill from there. I accept my life choices—doesn’t mean I’m proud of them or want to write home about it. 

And what Nic thinks of you now seems to have more weight than what Ken would. 

She still sees some good in me. Kenshiro didn’t, no matter what he pretended. I’m sure I’ll disappoint her at some point. 

Ryann and you didn’t get off to the greatest of starts and she even paid out a few home truths on you, but now you seem to spend a fair bit of time with her. Would you say she is now a close friend and confidant? How does it feel to have a BFF now, after so many friendless years? 

I don’t think of her as a friend or anything. But I don’t have anyone to train with. Zara doesn’t “train”—she’d probably break a nail. Ryann’s a wily thing. Makes my brain work. Sorta. 

So……she’s just a training buddy? 

She’s the only person I have to shoot in the head with paintballs. 

Demons of Oblivion is one of the most politically correct (if you ignore all the killing) series that I have read, in terms of encompassing different races, sexual preferences and it’s feminist undertones with such strong female characters. Do you consider yourself to be somewhat of a role model in these areas? 

People are people. Women are people. Bisexual women are people. Japanese people are people. White people are people. Usually. Nuns, I’m not sure about. 

Feminist role model... If I can inspire little girls out there to unlock their own demonic power, cut through yakuza bosses, take on secret societies in suicide missions, and date hot chicks, well, sure. Job well done. 

Would that be the kind of wisdom you would have imparted to your own daughter if she was still with you, or would you hope to keep her out of that world? 

Don’t ask about my kids. 

These days you are doing the domestic thing with Nic, back to graphic design work, a mortgage, the whole she-bang. You still get to play around with fire arms and explosives occasionally, no thanks to Zara, but it is still quite the contrast to how you spent the last 5-6 years. How are you coping with the change? 

It’s...quieter, I guess. I have a lot more time to be in my own head. Thankfully there’s not much going on in there so it stays quiet. 

I mean, I almost shot the UPS delivery guy the other day because he knocked while I was asleep. That kind of thing still happens. 

I could understand that…, the quiet isn’t driving you nuts? No itchy trigger finger? 

My girlfriend’s best friend is Zara Lain. Have you met her? It’s not quiet for long. If she’s not picking fights with the shadow government and jumpstarting the apocalypse, she’s getting on the bad side of ancient evil European gods. She’s worse than I am. 

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 10 years? 

Hopefully the mortgage gets paid off. 

Fuck, I’m so damn boring now. 

Ok, so we have the serious questions out of the way. I’d like to ask you some fun stuff, just to help the readers get to know you a little better (please don’t stab me). Here goes: 

1. Favourite movie? 

Oh I finally saw Pulp Fiction. Zara’s said I’d like it. She was right. Don’t tell her, though. She likes being right. 

2. Favourite Book? 

I’m not a big reader. I like books that remind me of my kids. My son had everything by Kazuo Iwamura—they’re picture books, with these dorky little animals, but he loved them. I don’t think I could stand to read any of them now, though. 

3. Favourite thing to do? 

For downtime? Paintball. Also knitting. Shut up, it’s relaxing. 

And needles can come in handy as a weapon, right? 

See, you get me. 

4. It’s a Zara and Peri smack down re-match, who’s going win and why? 

Me. She has it coming to her. 

5. Person you’d most like to kill and why? 

I kinda wish I’d killed Fraser Lake when I had the chance. He was my supervisor at Bravo Division. He also hated me and tried to have me killed. Yeah, I’d garrotte him if I had the chance now. 

I have to admit, I was surprised when you didn’t kill him, but I was also shocked he let you go. I put that down to him knowing he couldn’t beat you in battle.

Fraser wanted to get rid of me, first and foremost. I don’t think he ever hated me personally, he just thought I was a danger to his men. And, I mean, accurate assessment

Truth is, there’s no telling what I would’ve done if he’d tried to shoot me. I could’ve shot him, yes, and I think he’d take that risk. But last time I had a big emotional trauma, I immediately killed everyone in the vicinity. It was a bigger risk keeping me there than letting me go. But he bugged me. I’d still probably kill him if we ran into each other.

6. Favourite Weapon? 

I’m very happy with my SIG Mosquitos—they require upkeep and care to keep from jamming but I like the weight of them and they’re quiet with their Gemtech Alpine suppressors. But as long as it’s hot a huge fucking gun like one of Zara’s, I’m good. 

7. Song that should be your life soundtrack? 

“I Stand Alone” by Godsmack.

8. Song you’d want to be played at your funeral?

I don’t want a funeral. I don’t think anyone would go to it anyway. Just toss my ashes in with my kids and I’m good. 

9. What’s your ideal date or night out with Nic? 

I don’t know if we’ve ever done an actual “date” thing. I don’t like going anywhere there are...people. Sitting home. Getting takeout and not doing dishes. I’m good with that. 

10. Who’s more romantic? You or Nicolette?

We don’t really do romance. I killed a spider for her the other day, or so I thought, and she just got mad at me for not catching it and letting it go. Pretty sure if I brought her flowers, she’d whine it wasn’t a living plant.
So I take it they haven’t gotten you to join VETA yet? 

Seriously, what the fuck? These fucking creatures of the night and their big campaign is for bovine rights and saving trees, what the fuck is wrong with this picture? 

11. Do you have a zombie apocalypse plan? 

Kill all the zombies. 

Yep, that’ll work. 

12. Who does more chores around the house, you or Nic? 

Nic’s a fucking slob. Oh she’ll tell you it’s me. I track mud in, whatever—who leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor? Who doesn’t empty the dishwasher? Whose shirt went moldy in the washer because she forgot to put it in the dryer? My fucking shirt and it was her fault. 

I’d also like to play a little ‘get to know you game’ if you don’t mind. It does assume that Nic has caught you up on some of the more recent pop culture though. 

She was underground “dead” for ten years—she gets only marginally more than I do...

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi

Vodka or Scotch? Nail polish remover. I’m not picky.

I couldn’t see you in a wine bar though. I kinda miss the liquor vending machines in Japan. Canada sucks. 

Star Wars or Star Trek? I think I saw one of the Star Wars movies.

Winter or Summer? Fall.

Sweet or Salty? Salty. 

Dean or Sam? Who?

Angel or Spike? Like...spikes to stab people with? *someone whispers an explanation* Wait, what?

Team Edward or Team Jake? (ducks flying object), it’s just a joke! You know I’m into pussy now, right? 

So you’re more Team Bella? Wait, I think you’d like Jane from the Volturi, she’s cute and homicidal like you. You know way too much about this. 

Book or Movie? Movies.

Have you been enjoying any chic flicks with Nic and Zara? No. Stupid women.

Car or Motorbike? Car

Ocean or Lake? Ocean 

Xbox or Playstation? on the computer. Sometimes. WoW. Only ’cause everyone makes me do it. 

Cotton or Silk? Cotton 

Mac or PC? Mac 

Batman or Superman? Batman. My daughter liked Batman. 

Dogs or cats? Dogs 

And most importantly, Thor or Loki? Oh I know this one. I’d probably got back to men for that blond god. 

13. What is your favourite Antichrist walks into a bar joke? 

I don’t know any. Fuck, I feel kind of repressed now.

Can I tell you mine? 


The Antichrist walks into a crowded bar. When the people see who it is, they all run out except this one old man. So the Antichrist walks up to him and says, "Do you know who I am?" and the old man sips his beer and answers "yep". The Antichrist says, "Well, why aren't you afraid of me?" The old man looks over and says" I've been married to your sister for 27 years, why the hell should I be scared of you." 

Nic could probably say that after living with me for another six months. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I’ve enjoyed meeting you immensely. Hopefully, readers will have gotten to know you a little better and will cut you a bit more slack (not that I think you care what they think). 

Seriously, who the hell doesn’t like me? 

I’d make a list, but I’m afraid that would be akin to writing their death warrant. How about I just promise to send you the Supernatural DVD series instead? You’ll love it. 
Author Bio:
Award-winning author Skyla Dawn Cameron has been writing approximately forever.

Her early storytelling days were spent acting out strange horror/fairy tales with the help of her many dolls, and little has changed except that she now keeps those stories on paper. She signed her first book contract at age twenty-one for River, a unique werewolf tale, which was released to critical and reader praise alike and won her the 2007 EPPIE Award for Best Fantasy. She now has multiple series on the go to keep her busy, which is great for her attention deficit disorder.

Skyla is a fifth generation crazy cat lady who lives in southern Ontario, where she dabbles in art, is an avid gamer, and watches Buffy reruns. If she ever becomes a grownup, she wants to run her own pub, as well as become world dictator.

You can visit her on the web at When she’s not writing or being glared at by cats, she’s probably on Twitter. You should ping @skyladawn and tell her to get back to work.

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Melliane said...

Oh I love the interview! thank you so much, it's really fun.

Skyla Dawn said...

My favourite answer is a tie between "Wait, people hate me?" and "You know I'm in to pussy now, right?"

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh I like this interview. I actually like her based on this... except when she talked about skinning the cat. I'm guessing that she wouldn't really do it since it isn't done (don't tell her that, I don't want her to prove me wrong!).

Skyla Dawn said...

Heh, the answer to that is here: In short, no cat-skinning. NO animals die in my books. Peri is just...Peri. She doesn't like Zara's saber-tooth cat, but then she doesn't nearly ANYONE. Rodney would eat her if she went after him.

Unknown said...

I really like Peri. What a mind blowing interview.

She seems so bad ass but still maybe a bit sentimental.

You asked some daring questions. I'm curious. What object did Peri throw at you?

Unknown said...

A plastic Tim Hortons knife, but she was only playing around. If she was serious, there is no way she would have missed me.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thank you Melliane! Danni did a great job with Peri. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

LOL! I love at the end, she's still trying to find out about those people that hate her. ;)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Yea, Melissa (B&T) Check out the post Skyla linked. You'll be pleased to read it. ;)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hi Laura Thomas! Glad you like Peri. ;D Thank you for stopping.

And Danni, you better watch out with Peri. You never know... ;)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Danni, thank you GREATLY!! for taking the time to interview Peri. You guys seemed to really have a great visit. :)