Thursday, June 1, 2023

AudioBook Review: Guardian of Chaos by Michelle Manus

Guardian of Chaos (Nyx Fortuna #1)Guardian of Chaos by Michelle Manus
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THIS BOOK! I think it was AMAZING! It's one I listened to in audio and WANT to read the paperback too. It's a book worthy of being in print and kept on my TOP shelves.

Just one chapter in and I was checking my audible credits for ordering the next books in the series. I even was looking at Michelle's other series, which I'll be picking up in the future. Yes. it was that catching.

I found Nyx to be a kind character and I was really curious about why she couldn't leave her home town. Then, when she was lead to the Station... Oh things got so interesting! First, I could TOTALLY live in this Waystation with Nyx. She love my kind of scenery, a library full of fantasy books! And meeting Griff. He's such a great avatar. I love his personality.

Nyx finds she loves being here, especially after living her life as not being seen by anyone. Now she's seen and has friends. And her friends list grows! It might be with those in the Earth Between and it might be people she...shouldn't? be friends with. At least when it comes to the Council's thoughts. But this group of friends is so cool. I love all their personalities and relationships. There's something special about them all as they are all from different worlds.

It's hard to learn and do everything on the first day. Nyx is learning the hard way. She's handling it in stride. Until she receives a missive that she had an traveler that wasn't allowed to travel the ley lines, and she has to find and capture him. This leads Nyx on a great adventure as her assistant, Evra, has other plans as well.

Each chapter has big events happening that kept me wanting more. Nyx does far more than any Station Guardian should do and even puts more into it as this is the first real home she's felt to have, that she remembers.

I love all the details that feel important to me. There's so many possibilities for the future books that are coming. There's tidbits here that could come into play in the future. I'm excited to see it happen!

I loved this book so much, I've ordered the next two that are out and I'm diving into book two NOW!

What are you waiting for??

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