Monday, June 5, 2023

Audio Book Review: Guardian of Shadows by Michelle Manus

Guardian of Shadows (Nyx Fortuna #2)Guardian of Shadows by Michelle Manus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm in love! I'm blown away at how Michelle can put so much in each chapter. AND! The book moves forward with amazing flow and drive that I WANT, NEEEEED, to keep listening. I want to know everything Michelle will give me. I love how there's so many tidbits that could come into play in the future. I'm going to dive into book 3 ASAP. And I'm looking forward to book 4 in August.

Nyx can't remember anything before she was 18, waking with a note in her hand and an apartment that's paid for a year and scholarship to college. But small memories are starting to returning since her trip. When a mysterious visitor, who SEEs her, sparks a memory and familiar feelings she approaches him. And remembers his name just as he races off to the Shadow Market. Nyx is determined to find him and learn more on her past.

Her new friends want to join her on this trip, and have personal reasons for being here. These characters all feel to fit together wonderfully as a cast. I love the relationships between them. Tension of all sorts as we fight through events. Even when they don't see eye to eye. I love that there's different dynamics to the relationships...friends, maybe more, and dislike.

I have so many thoughts on the characters and look forward to seeing more with them and about their lives. I think there are a few characters that have their own agenda at heart as well. Oh so good.

I feel for Nyx. She's a good person and would like to know about her past. And why people leave her so easily. She really doesn't want to be alone. She'll let people go on their own though, hoping they at least visit.

This book, series! is so mind blowing good. I love the adventures, the personal connections, the personal adventures, and growth through the book. All flowing together in the story. Wow. Love this!

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