Monday, July 27, 2015

Audio Books at a Reduced Rate, Through Amazon

Audio books can be expensive. But I recently purchased a $17.95 audio book for $5.98. How did I do that?

Amazon has started a deal program with You purchase the ebook, you can get the Audible book for $1.99.

Wow. Sounds...unreal. Right.

I recently tried it. I'm hooked on a series, after the first book, and I love keeping my series the same way I start them. Also, I love the narrator. So I gave it a go.

   Purchase the ebook as you normally do through Amazon. (I think this ONLY WORKS for ebook purchases, NOT print books.)

Pull up the book on Amazon and go to the Audible version. There should be a note that states you already own the Kindle book and are eligible for a reduced rate of $1.99.
-- My image is from the Amazon purchase on my phone. You'll see half way down the statement with the coverting tablet to phone symbol in orange.

   Click the 1-Click and you are done!

You'll see in your emails, your ebook purchase along with your Audible purchase.

This book I wanted is normally $17.95 to $14.95 for the Audible version through Amazon.
I paid $5.98 total for it. 
Purchaing the ebook for $3.99, Then the Amazon reduced rate for Audible version of $1.99.
I saved $11.97 on the audio book!

There is something neat and special about this setup with Amazon ebooks and Audible. I've added a screen shot of the computer screen that shows it: (click to enlarge)

The neat thing about this connection is that you can read AND listen. If you are sitting at lunch, you can read. Then when you are riding in the car on the way home, you can listen -- Picking up where you left off!

Cool, right! I'm going to try it later this week.

This all sounds way to easy and like I'm missing something. But, I really wanted this book and it worked out. The book is in my Kindle library along with my Audible library. Sweet!

Am I missing something though? Thoughts?


  1. I know! I love that too. My problem is that often I get physical books that I haven't bought (won or gifted) that I want on audio. It doesn't work for them. *sigh* :) Library time for those.

    1. Melissa (B&T) I know. I talked with a few authors at Balticon that said they are trying to get Amazon to do this with print books, but you would then have to say if it was a gift and for who.

  2. This is awesome and I've done it but the Audible deal price ranges from free to $7.99. The $1.99 deal price doesn't always apply.

    1. Bea, I had a chat with an indie author on Twitter after this post. I think he said he had to connect and agree to do this deal for his books. So many be not all authors or publishers are doing it? I've been watching the prices too.


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