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Audiobook Review: Last Man Home

Last Man Home

By:  John Mierau

Publish Date:  May 20, 2010, Audiobook May 12, 2014


Format:  Audio book from Audible

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  Novella

Recommendation:  Yes, for a quick action and character filled story.

Eight years after the war with the Alotans, Jake, Teddy, Gris and Dru are the only survivors of Tom Callahan's squad. They're gathering in the small town Jake calls home for their annual reunion-but this year a new face wants to join in. One of Jake's alien army buddies will crack when he faces a monster from his past, and it's down to him to save the Alotan going by the name of... Tom Callahan.

First Sentence:
I sprayed a mouthful of beer all over Teddy and Gris when the Bug stepped into the Wildlife Tavern.

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**I listened to this book for my own enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
I'm not going to give a summary of this book. John's summary hits it on the nose, and if I try I might spoil the story for you.

The neat thing here, the characters are all different. By different I don't only mean personality, they are of an alien nature as well. And it makes the story work and believable. This story takes place on Earth and our main voice telling the story is human but his colleagues are other than human. I like this draw here. It makes the story different and I want that.

Oh the things Jake talks about having done to him and the soldiers when serving. It's neat what they did to them, but I can feel for the men at the same time.

I've learned John Mierau has a wide realm he writes in, and that works great for me as I love getting something different each time. John takes advantage of each word he writes, drawing the world while describing the characters and moving the story/plot along. In the suspense full moments, John has written it to move quick yet draw me to hang on each word. The narrator has read it to compliment the writing with his innuendos and speech annunciations - like he's living the moments.

I like the narrators voice and reading of this story. The pacing and vocal attitude for each character and happening were well orchestrated. He even talked in different speech patterns for the characters and their species. I could almost hear the narrator on a tv show - maybe Defiance or something.

By the end of the story I felt the closeness of the crew that was formed from what they lived through at war. How they are like brothers. I felt the sadness and honor for Tom and the characters. The battle Jake is fighting for this bug, the kind he once hated and killed, but to learn the true fate of the man who's name the bug took.


  1. Well, this looks pretty good. I will have to check out that narrator as well!

    1. Melissa (B&T) I was impressed with the narrator. Hope you find some of his work as enjoyable. :) Thank you.

  2. Not sure about this one, but I'm glad that narrator worked for you! With audiobooks I always find narrator either helps it or... :)

    1. Victoria S. This story isn't for everyone, I understand that easily. And yes, I agree with you on the narrators. This one did a fine good job. :)

  3. I love feeling that connection between characters. Sounds great.

    1. Jennifer Bielman, I was slightly surprised I felt so connected with the characters in this. I don't usually do a theme like this, but I should know better by now with John. :) Thank you!


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