Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cover Reveal: Beginning A Beginning, Rugosa Coven, and That One Minute

A few more covers for you! Three different authors and series. Have a look at these three and we'll chat afterward.

Beginning A Beginning
Laurian Pentology #5
By:  Danny Brit
Due Out:  May 2014
The reopening of Pentagram, the ancient nation of mages, was bound to attract attention.

Now the greatest forces in the world are gathering, preparing for battle -- humans and elves, dwarves and vampires, gods and demigods, assassins and healers, mages split between both sides -- none of whom will hold back, for the result of their battle will be no less than the ultimate fate of their world.

And at the heart of it all is Alaris, the single person with personal ties to all parties, the ultimate puppet master now forced to play tug-of-war with his puppets. 

...What's that?  You thought Alaris was dead? 

Well, when has he ever let that stop him?

Tales from Rugosa Coven
By:  Sarah Avery
Out:  NOW
Let a Little Magic into Your Life

In Tales from Rugosa Coven, catch a glimpse of a New Jersey even weirder than the one you think you know, as a covenful of very modern Wiccans wrestle challenges both supernatural and mundane—and, occasionally, each other.

The personal injury attorney who chose kitchen-witchery over his family’s five-generation lineage of old school ceremonial magic would like to miss his dead parents, only now that they’re dead they won’t leave him alone. The professional fortuneteller stands out at forty paces, with her profusion of silver amulets glittering over her Goth wardrobe, but nobody has guessed her secret sorrow, especially not the covenmates who see her as their wacky comic relief. And the resident skeptic, a reluctant Pagan if ever there was one, will have to eat her words if her coven sister’s new boyfriend really does turn out to be from Atlantis.

The Jersey Shore’s half-hidden community of Witches, Druids, and latter-day Vikings must circle together against all challenges. It’s a good thing they’re as resilient as the wild rugosa roses that hold together the dunes.

That One Minute
By:  Regina Glei
Due Out:  NOW
All it Takes is That One Minute…

You think you know what’s wrong with the world…but which one? The one you're in? Or the one that mirrors ours, only one more minute closer to heaven or hell, where "angelics" and "demonics" constantly fight for dominance over our souls?

Ask Chris Burns, struggling in a job he hates and dealing with his wife’s betrayal when she chooses an Italian restaurant owner over a loser like him. What is there left to care about? But when Chris is offered a divine mission to cross that one minute and to save both worlds, he gets a shot at eternal glory.

Can a down-on-his-luck loser prevent a "demonic" uprising? Will he make a difference when faced with battling demons and power-hungry Undersecretaries from the almighty “Ministry of Spirits,” all with his know-it-all doppelganger in tow, constantly trying to undermine his efforts…

... at that shot at eternal glory

I'm taken with these and the descriptions.

Beginning A Beginning is new to me, and it figures it's the fifth book of the series (always seems to happen for me this way). I'm going to have to look at these as it sounds interesting to me. I love the fantasy sound here and sounds like my kind of read.

Tales from Rugosa Coven... now this sounds like a fun UF witchy read. I'm curious to see what New Jersey has on the Wiccan side, blended with mundane life. Druids and all, yes, I'm curious. It's a collection of three novella's and a start to a new series! Stunning image.

That One Minute. The color variation catches me, the two doorways in the ground. But what really has my eye...the hands in the mist. Dragging you down, down, down... This is a stand-alone novella classified as fantasy horror comedy. We don't get many stand-alone novels anymore, and I do like when we see them. This sounds like one that could be one to pick up.

Add the books on Goodreads:
   Beginning A Beginning
   Tales from Rugosa Coven
   That One Moment

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