Friday, August 20, 2010


I currently have a poll up on my left side bar here for you to help pick a book to be read in the 
Urban Fantasy Blog Book Chat.

We had fun with the first book we did, Mind Games by Carolyn Crane.

We, Robyn from The Bookoholic Zone and I, were hoping you could help us pick which book you want to read us chatting about.  Or even join in on.  At this time I have only had 7 votes.  I know there are more of you out there!  At least my numbers look like there are more of you out there.  Please take a few moments to vote.  We would appreciate it. :)  If you want to or need to read the synopsis the titles are linked to Goodreads, just click to check out the book.

The poll is open until Sunday ~ August 22, 2010.  
Please vote! Here in the comments or on sidebar poll.

The Choices are:

Red-Headed Step Child  By Jaye Wells

Hunted By the Others  By Jess Haines

Blue Diablo  By Ann Aguirre

Black and White  By Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittridge


  1. Red-Headed Step Child sounds like a good choice. It's been on my TBR pile for a while now!

    BTW, I gave you an award on my blog:

  2. I went with Hunted By the Others because the cover just looks really cool. :)

  3. Spav - Thank you for stopping by to vote! I have heard great things on Jaye Wells's books. And I will have to stop by to pick up that award. :)

    Seak - Thanks for stopping by and voting! Hunted By the Others sounds kind of neat as well. I do like the cover with the black and guns, even the city behind her. Thanks again.

  4. Red-Headed Stepchild is a great book, but I haven't read any of the others. Of the three remaining, I'd pick Black and White, so that's the one I voted for. Have fun with whichever book you choose!

  5. I have to go with Black and White as it is the best cover.

  6. Alexia - Thank you for voting! I was pulling for Black & White. :) I appreciate your voting!

    Tyson - Thank you very much for stopping by and voting! Black and White was the one I was pulling for. It's based on a hero/villain type read. Thank you again!

  7. Black and White sounds amazing and it's my first hearing of it!=) What a great find. As for the other three I would love to read them as well!!

  8. Chasity - Glad to have introduced you to a new book. Black and White is the first book and the second one just came out a month or so ago. It does sound like a great read. :) And the other three I have heard great things on as well. It was a hard choice for us, that's why we had to do the poll. :)


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