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New Year Resolutions 2018 (2107 Results)

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Happy New Year!! Here we are at the tip of a new mountain, ready to climb our way through to the other end. A new year to accomplish our dreams.

How did you do compared to last years resolutions? And what do you have in store for the new year?

I'm going to copy last years resolutions here and type in blue how I did. *cringe* Lets see...

1)  Exercise more. I was content with maintaining my weight last year, at least not gaining any more. Which I did. Now, this year, I'd like to lose some weight. Not much, but some. I'm still going to the gym two days a week to workout with weights. But I'd like to add some treadmill time at least three more days a week.
Until August I was exercising about three times a week. I was doing well. Then life gets a little distracting. We had lots going on. As for losing weight... It didn't happen. I can't seem to lose weight. Although I've started on Vitamin D and Calcium, so maybe that will help with this year and losing weight.

2)  Write/edit through the year. I know they say write daily, but I feel as I get stressed when I write daily. It's like my brain needs to digest and move on. So, I'm going to get back to what helped keep me moving best in the past, writing every other day. (This, of course, will then take a back seat when I have editing jobs, which will be done daily.) Learn more details on what I'll be working on in my Resolutions post at Challenged Writers blog and how I did through the year.
I did well for several months. I accomplished a lot of re-writes, but I didn't get to carry through for the whole year. You can click the link to see my results at Challenged Writers.

I've been thinking. I don't know if there is someone out there in the same boat as me with writing that wouldn't mind connecting and helping each other stay on track. We can check in on each other, motivate, and chat a couple times a week via Twitter, Facebook, email, or some sort of social media.
And I'm still looking for a writing buddy, if you are up for it.

3)  Blog and blog visit every other day. This goes hand in hand with my writing. On the off days of writing, I'll be blog visiting.
This didn't happen. I've been struggling with getting on regularly, and it frustrates me. I need to figure out a schedule that works.

4)  Post pictures at Spellbound in a Flash weekly. You remember this site right? I started it to share my love for photography. I've been so crazy busy with life and holidays that I haven't posted. (I have several posts to do!) I want to do a post a week, or every other week, of images I've recently taken or use old images to share.
I did start doing this until about October. That's when life got moving quicker with holidays. 

So,  my resolutions seem to start out good and go for a few months, but I still have struggling areas. I'm going to have to work on that this year.

2018 Resolutions:

Much of these are going to be similar. I need to figure out how to juggle things better.

1) Return to exercising weekly - I want to exercise at least three times a week.

2) Work on writing/re-writes - I want to get more work done in my writing, so I've created a whole resolution post with more details of my plans over at Challenged Writers.

3) Blog and visit blogs at least twice a week - I've got a lot on my plate with all the things I want to do, so I'm planning on blog visiting at least twice a week. This leaves an opening for more days.

4) Post weekly at Spellbound in a Flash - I've been taking photos and learning different settings. I would like to share my results more often on my photo blog.

I know the resolutions sound broad but I think that will help me feel as though I'm not doing what I want and leaves me room to shift things to what works.

Have you created a new year resolution?


  1. I don't really do resolutions as such but I am hoping to fit in more reading and a few more blog visits. I'd like to find more bloggers with similar reading and TV interests to follow!

    1. Chucklesthescot, those sound like great goals! I usually don't do resolutions but more life goals I'd like to reach in the year. We'll see how it works out. lol. Have a great year!

  2. Sounds like good goals!! You've got this <3


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