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Book Review: Assassin's Rival

Assassin's Rival

By:  A.F. Grappin

Publish Date:  January 2, 2017

Format:  eBook, 65pgs

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2nd book in Deadly Studies series; 1st Book ~ Assassin's Victim

First Impression:  Entertaining start for Luc to assassin school.

Luc Bertrand's old life as an orphan is long behind him. He's been adopted by the strange Auguste Fosse, who has promised Luc a special education. The academy trains assassins. Determined to get revenge on whoever killed his family, this school is the perfect place for him to train for his life's work. All isn't roses, though. The other students don't approve of Luc's arrival. He's too old, and the competition for Fosse's attention and tutelage is fierce. Having enemies who are being trained to kill can be dangerous, and Luc is years behind them in skills.

First Sentence:
Luc didn't see his sponsor when he stepped off the train in Reims, France.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I received this book from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ah! I enjoyed the starts of this book, and as it continued. Luc is traveling to his new school, of which Auguste Fosse accepted him at. To train to be an assassin. I found I felt more invested and excited about this book than the first. So if you read the first and wasn't sure about continuing, do continue. This book was more entertaining for me. I am almost inclined to mention to start the series with this book. You'll get the feel of what happened to Luc in the first one. But there is a history there.

I enjoyed the movement of this book. We see Luc starting to watch and listen around him, and following someone at the mention of the dreaded Knights Templar. His drive to make them pay for what they did to his family making him act.

I found it cute the first lesson of Luc's when he meets many of his new brothers and sisters at the school. This was neat and a great way to see what the kids know (have learned) and what Luc will be learning to do. My attention was caught and I looked forward to the studies here, as there are friends and potential bad influences made at their first meeting. Competition all!

I liked the way the book moved through the months with Luc. We know of the classes, see examples, but we don't get stuck getting the classes. Thank you. This is done in the best way to show us the classes but keep the book moving with Luc as he grows here, and lives through troubles that stir with fellow brothers and sisters. And there is troubles. The lessons we see are rather interesting and are connected to what happens to Luc along with introducing us to the world Luc is now part of as he learns his way. There are a few assignments that are neat to see him learn. Like climbing! Where he does that is interesting.

I have the next book and looking forward to it!

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  1. The school for assassins sounds interesting! Thanks for another great review!


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