Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cover Reveals & Releases (I missed sharing in November)

There were some OUTSTANDING covers that came to light in November. However, with life and my NaNoWriMo determination I didn't share them. But who's to stop me now that December is here?

Now, I know this is NOT all of them. And FAR from hitting all the covers shared or released in November, but these are a few I found of authors I love.

There something for everyone here in this list. Scroll through and check them all out!


Stillness of the Sky
By:  Starla Huchton
Due Out:  February 2, 2015
Once upon a time, my life was certain: it was insignificant, and it was cruel. But I refused to let it define me, no matter how great the cost.

Once upon a time, I made a wish. The world I knew grew wider than the sky and higher than the stars, and I listened to the voice within me, reaching out for freedom.

Once upon a time, my wish became my fate, and my destiny the hardest lesson to learn: kindness may be the most difficult path, but it can save entire kingdoms.

Oh I read Stillness of the Sky and have to tell you.....WOW! There are no words to express what I enjoyed of this book. And this cover!!! Oh it is one of the best I've seen Starla do. It fits the story PERFECTLY!!

Tranquility #3
By:  Krista D. Ball
Due Out:  2015

I don't have a description for Fury yet, but dang. I'm hooked on finding out how the world goes for Bethany. Can't wait for this one.

Dogs of War: Demon Dogs
Dogs of War #2
By:  Frances Pauli
Due Out:  Any day now!
Dogs of War Website

I don't have a description for this one either, but I love the idea behind this series.

Blame the Bearer
(Kingdoms Gone #4)
By:  Frances Pauli
Due Out:  December 25, 2014
Kingdoms Gone Website
Vane has never turned away from an opportunity to seize power. He's spent his life manipulating others for his own gain. So when an ancient castle presents him with a magic ring and a legendary promise, he knows exactly what to do. Use the ring, find the Heir...and betray them at the first opportunity.

Lidya is the middle child, neither lovely as her sister not physically able as her brother. She's lived in their shadows all her life and been happy enough there. But when a man called Vane shows up with a magic ring and an insane tale, Lidya's life changes. Before anyone can stop it, she's trapped in a contest that will drag them all on a quest, put one of them on an ancient throne, and could easily cost all of them their lives.

Oooooh. Now I enjoyed this magical kingdom and stories. I'm looking forward to continuing in the series!

Tales of a Tesla Ranger: A Tribute to PG Holyfield
Order it NOW!!
P G Holyfield. Award-nominated podcaster. Award-winning author. Voice talent. Friend. Father. 

Patrick was all these things and so much more to the people featured in this volume. His tragic loss to cancer was not only felt within his family and friends in North Carolina, but coast-to-coast from Virginia to California, and around the world from England to New Zealand. He was a voice we knew, a friend we loved, and this collection of stories — many of them inspired by, featuring, and written by P G Holyfield — stands as his legacy. He touched us all, and we will miss him. 

All proceeds from this anthology will go to the Patrick Holyfield's Childrens Trust, benefiting his daughters. 

Featuring stories from PG Holyfield, Jared Axelrod, K T Bryski, Jack Mangan, Nathan Lowell, Chris Lester, Tee Morris, Scott Roche, Allen Sale, Christiana Ellis, Kate Sherrod, and Philippa Ballantine

This...this is a special book. I'm sure you remember my review on PG's book: Murder at Avedon Hill. In a nut shell, I LOOOVED it! And you probably remember my sad news of how we were losing PG to a terrible enemy - cancer. Well, some kick arse authors got together and created this tribute to PG. I hope HOPE you go get it as ALL the money earned for this book go to PG's daughters who lost there father far to soon.

Christmas Nookie
Order it NOW!
Why settle for just one when you can have multiple? Our second annual Hot Holiday Reads anthology serves up another batch of tasty bits sure to warm your heart…and other places. Featuring all new quickies by your favorite Fuse Literary authors and more, this is one sleigh ride that will make you hold on tight. Are you dreaming of a wet Christmas?

Contributors include: Blake C. Aarens, Paul Goat Allen, E.B. Ashcroft, Philippa Ballantine, Peggy Barnett, Bethany Hyde, Nicola Jane, Mairi Kilaine, Maureen Lee, Melissa Lenhardt, Anh Leod, Elizabeth Shandy, and Wendy Vogel.

Okay, I don't do much in erotica but I have to mention this one as one amazing person is an author here. Who? Paul Goat Allen. And to my pleasant surprise I saw that Philippa Ballantine has a story in here too! Woot woot! I look forward to getting into this one.

A Princes of the Shroud Novel #2
By: Frances Pauli
A Princes of the Shroud Novel Website

Order it NOW!
Amazon  /  Barnes & Nobles
Rowri is a priestess with prophetic dreams—and she’s dreamt of her soulmate. So when she volunteers to be the gifted bride in a peace negotiation between her own peoples and the Tolfarians, she is certain that the lilac-skinned man in her visions is the Tolfarian leader she is to marry.

But prophecy is never simple, and visions are never clear. Shayd, a seer and one of the Shrouded, is summoned to transport Rowri to her new husband-to-be. When Rowri sets eyes on his lilac skin, she knows she’s made a terrible mistake—one she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life if she wants to save her people and prevent war.

The two are drawn together, and the fates of two races hinge on the decisions they make. On the precipice of volcanic eruptions, galactic terrorism, and mercenary attacks, Shayd and Rowri must give up every hope of happiness for their people, or sacrifice everything for true love.

I have this first book and sooooo neeeeed to get to it. I love Frances' writing and the sounds of this series is one that catches my eye. And to see book two out! Oh I need to get caught up. :D


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